Event date : 18 Oct,2019

Updated on : 18 Oct,2019

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Description :St Ann’s Convent School, Management and staff do our best to teach our students not only academic excellence but for their all round formation of personality. From lower classes we teach them basic values of love, honesty, respect, team spirit, be a friend to all cast and creed. In other words, to be good being in the school, family and the society. We value character formation in our school. The Theme- St Ann’s school, A family for families means- we are all connected, Interconnected and interdependent economically, socially, culturally to the society and to the world. The values inculcated in the school have an effect in the family and society to the world family and human family. Through today’s Annual Day programme our message to you dear parents is to create a healthy environment in your family for your child to grow up. Children learn more from good examples than lessons taught. Give equal opportunity to your daughters as your sons. Educate your daughters, they will be the one to take care of you when you are old. Take care of your aged Parents. Thank you.